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Have your own clean green power station creating energy for your own needs.

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Future proof your business by eradicating your power costs using free solar energy, and retain your competitive edge while also presenting a greener image.

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The government will reduce incentives for solar power and water.

Get your own green power station now.

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With electricity costs on the rise and pressures mounting on the household budget, There has never been a better time to invest in solar. Yes, the huge government feed in tariffs are off the table now but there is still government incentives available. Solar can still be a viable option to help minimise the effect of rising electricity bills. Some electricity retailers are offering some great top up incentives to help offset the Government feed in tariffs.Domestic Solar
The whole solar game plan has changed, from seeing this as a way of making money, now to a way of saving money. Whether it’s for a small domestic system or a larger commercial system the numbers stilladd up to make solar a good investment.
So don’t wait, act now! – contact us and talk to one of our friendly and experienced consultants who will tailor a solar solution to your individual needs.