Australian Solar Systems has been a trusted solar supplier for over 10 years.

Australian Solar Systems is your dependable source for Solar Energy. Our long and continuous history ensures not only the investment you make is sound, but you have a sure point of reference long into the future. We can provide; *Domestic and Commercial system from six to one hundred kilowatts. *Off-Grid and Stand-Alone systems for remote operations and water pumping. *Solar-Thermal solutions for 24/7 refrigeration, air conditioning and hot water/steam. We can design systems that provide the best economic value for your dollar as well as innovative solutions to a wide range of electrical, pumping and thermal requirements. Simply call us or contact us through our webpage, we can provide no-obligation designs and pricing sure to provide on-going savings on your energy costs. We can even visit to discuss your options face-to-face on or regular roadshows from our South East Queensland base.